Sketchbook Love

My sketchbook has been getting some much needed love, recently.

There are times when I forget I have one and leave it aside. I end up drawing on Post-It notes and have a huge collection of them already. I think a lot of that comes from me sitting so close to one and not having my sketchbook near me. Recentlty, though, I bought a new adventure bag, which in reality is just a purse. I looked around for something that would suite my needs and the East Village Bag by Manhattan Portage seemed to be perfect.

As time passes, we seem to carry around more and more with us; from cellphones, to digital point-and-shoots, we fill our pockets full of technology. With my new bag, I carry around my wallet, cellphone, cigarettes, keys, sketchbook, pens, pencils, business cards, lighter, anything I can fit in there, really. I’ll eventually get a new point-and-shoot that I can toss in there too.

Ah, but I digress; my new adventure bag is perfect for my sketchbook and my pens. I now carry them with me wherever I go. So in a moments notice, I can take it out and sketch to my hearts content. It’s about time I start doing something about it.

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